मेरी तुम्हारी, हमारी खुशियों का नूर था

वो बाप उन्ही खुशियों से दूर था ।

वो तुम्हारी छाव के लिए धूप सहने को भी मजबूर था

क्या एक बात बताऊं मैं उसकी वो धूप और बारिश दोनो में एक स्वरूप था

वो हर पल मेरा प्रोटेक्टिंग ग्लोब था,है और रहेगा।

“हैप्पी फादर्स डे”🤗

आसमां और ज़मीं की दास्तां

कुछ इस तरह बेपनाह चाहत थी उसकी और सितारों कि

की पढ़ रही थी वो सितारों को अंधेरे में गुम होकर

रोशनी का अंदेशा तो न था

लेकिन अंधेरों से अब कमाल की चाहत हो चली थी

पढ़ती तो अपनी कहानी भी नहीं वो

पर अब सितारों कि दास्तानें समझने लगी थी

उसने क्या तो भी मोहोबत की सितारों से की चांद भी जल गया

आज उसका खुद पर भरोसा बढ़ गया

उसकी और सितारों कि बातो में पता नहीं

शायद मरा हुआ शक्स जग गया

आज वो सितारा भी घबराता है

जैसे कोई हिस्सा उसका जमीन पर रह गया

जसबातो ने जमीन और आसमान को कुछ इस तरह सी दिया

जैसे मरे हुए का ज़िंदा हिस्सा जमीन पर रह गया

आज वो सितारा आसमान में टिमटिमाता नहीं

और आज वो शक्स अकेले में मुस्कुराता नहीं

दोनो ने ही अपनी अलग दास्तान लिख डाली

आज असमा ने ज़मीं से, और ज़मीं आसमान से बेपनाह मोहब्बत कर डाली।


Set me free,set me high

I may not fly,but let me try

Let me laugh,let me cry

Allow me to leave

I am not a shadow,I am not your part

I am a creator of my thoughts

I live in my imagination

I bleed through words

And pour my heart out

I love the sun sets and the sun rise

I don’t know my destiny

But I surely love my path

I wanted to create myself

I wanted to be the hope that rises with the sun

But does not shed with the sunsets.

कभी कभी पता नहीं चलता💌

कभी किसी को अपनी ज़मीं नहीं मिलती

कभी किसी को अपना आस्मा नहीं मिलता

यू तो खुशियां काफिरों को भी मिल जाती है

पर कभी महलो में भी सुख नहीं मिलता

बदलती है सूरत , सिरत का पता नहीं चलता

यू तो कई मोड़ है ज़िन्दगी में ,कब मुड़ना है पता नहीं चलता

कभी सही सही नहीं लगता,कभी गलत गलत नहीं लगता

कभी हजारों की भीड़ में कोई अपना नहीं दिखता

कभी एक अपने के आगे हजारों नहीं दिखते

ये तजुर्बे इतने बुरे है,कि कभी ज़िंदगी का पता नहीं चलता

खुशियां दरवाज़े पर आ कर भी चली जाती है , खटखताहट का पता नहीं चलता।

चलो चल पड़ते है अनजानी राहों पर

राह कब तक खुली है पता नहीं चलता

मौसम से बदलते खयाल है

कब तक जी सकते है पता नहीं चलता।


Carrying heavy bag of puzzled personality,

Standing at rest without knowing the reality,

The tears in my eyes ,make me realise,

Something is worst in me, worrying was a part

As stress hit me hard,it came to past

The perfection is gone too far,

Change has come to take my personality apart ,

Things got bad, feelings tore apart ,

I have never knew evil was my part,

I did wrong realisation was last,

The wrong felt good and forever will be my part!

The right never felt right,whole puzzle was mine,

The worst in me came to shout,I was wrong in my part ,

The bad got worse,and I was standing till last

Hope I could say sorry on my behalf,to reduce my guilt bag to half.


Are you perfect?

We all have this image of how we should look ,how our carrier should be we all wanted to be perfect. Perfect relationship, perfect life.We all wanted that things should go as per our plan and if that doesn’t happen, we give up!

This life is a test and trial every time you realise that it’s ok to be scared, it’s Ok to cry, but giving up should not be an option.whenever,we all have this thing in mind we call it “perfection”

We all are perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly alright!

We were not sent here to be perfect. In all that imperfections you have to listen to your heart, you don’t have to listen to people. If your soul is perfect from within this is all you need to be!

You know what makes you perfect? when you help someone, when you make someone smile,when you feel someone’s pain and how beautiful pain is that it connects you with people. That no other medium can connect you with people.always remember-

I am in pain and that is the blessing and disguise for me.

You know what connects you with them all your imperfections,they never judge you,then how beautiful these imperfections are that they connect you with people.

Then why are we running after being perfect,what’s the point ? I always see that people are so lucky that they don’t ever realise.

In what sense you are lucky? the breath that you just took was a blessing embrace it,there are so many people in the world that are dreaming to live a life that you are living right now, you have no idea! embrace each and every breath that you are taking celebrate it, live it.

Don’t die before your death we all die, we all live this one routine of a day for 75 years and we call it life! No that’s not life. If you are still thinking that why you have been sent here or you are still struggling with the concept of why you are here you haven’t lived yet! You work hard, you make money you do it for yourself, that’s not life you go out,you seek for people who need your help,you make their life better you become that sponge that absorb all the negativity and you become that person that emit beautiful positive vibes and when you realise that you have changed someone’s life and because of you that person didn’t give up! That is the day you live, always!✨


Here is a registered award of excellence for blogs. The objectives of this award are that the chosen blog

Through its writing, presentation and objectives, fosters human values; promoting intellectual, emotional and moral growth of peers.

I would like to thank parneet sachdev for nominating me for this award this really means a lot for me


He is such a good writer and believes in inspiring others,his writings show the amount of effort he does in bringing out each info and presenting it so beautifully.i love his blogs please have a view on his awesome blogs.


  1. The recipient may thank the person who has nominated her.
  2. The recipient should post a photo of the award on her blog in a post.
  3. The recipient may nominate as many blogs for this award (minimum five).
  4. Following questions to be answered (You can change the questions as per your wish)

i. What lessons did you learn from Corona?

I learnt that animal life is also as important as a human life.We should maintain the balance of nature,if we harm animals,birds they will harm us.live and let live.

ii What values drive you?

I am driven by love,care and understanding.

iii Which is your favourite movie?

My favorite movie is yeh jawaani h deewani directed by Karan johar ,this movie truly represents how we should enjoy our life and at the same time we should understand our responsibilities.

iv. Whom have you ever loved from your heart?

I love my Grandfather alot,more than anything and more than any one on the earth

v Your dreams in life?

My dream is to become a successful company secretary and beyond that I wanted to be a person with pure soul who can understand people easily and achieve the honor of motivating as many people as i can.

I nominate the following persons :-






All the very best to all recipients.


Thank you!

I want to thank Amit for nominating me for this award. He has an amazing blog about fitness and more. Be sure to go over and check out his blog his site is https://ltsdo.wordpress.com


1;Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.

2;Make a post of the award (with a photo of the logo).

3;Post the rules.

 4;Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.

5:- Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.

Answers to the questions are:-

-What is ur biggest fear?

My biggest fear is of failing,if I put all my efforts and hope for the best and if I don’t get the result then I get really upset,so I always choose to motivate myself and others too.

:-What is ur fav. thing you u own and why?

The favorite thing which I own is my confidence and my ability to make out the best out of worst situations.it is my favorite thing because when I am confident I do best for others to make them fell good.

:-What is ur your favourite way to exercise?

I prefer doing yoga,because it works for body and soul too.

:-What was the moment in ur life u laugh the hardest?

There are many moments in my life when I laughed out hardest,but there is one thing common when I am fully tension free and in a enjoyable mood I Lough out badly

:-What is ur all time fav. dessert?

I love cakes and pastries alot,I bake them with love to make them more yum.

:-What was the proudest moment for u in ur life?

My proudest moment was when I got my photo in the newspaper as one of the highest mark scoring students in boards

:-Who was the last person, who made u cry and why?

One of my friends who demotivated me about blog writing.

:-If money was no object what would you buy?

If money was no object I would buy a personal computer for me so that I could write my blogs easily.and also I had a never ending list for shopping like every other girl on Earth.

I nominate:-












Questions for my nominee’s are:-

1; what would be last thing you will do if this is the last day of your life?

2;How often do you write bolgs?

3;Which kind of motivational blogs do you prefer?

4;What you do when you are very happy or very sad?

5; Have you ever cheated on anyone?

Thnx for ur reading.New blog on motivation is coming soon:-)) stay tuned!!



Many of us doubt about what we created is good enough or they still lack somewhere,this is where you are telling your subconscious mind it is not good enough,it is not that good I wished to be.

You are kind of telling your subconscious mind the gift you gave me I might not be capable of having it.i used it but it wasn’t as useful as I thought it could be.

This is where you are doubting your subconscious mind and sooner or later that subconscious stops giving you ideas not because you are not capturing it ,it is because you are doubting it.

It’s like you are doubting your creative ideas,never do that!

Remind yourself –

My creation is valuable I don’t doubt it,I don’t ask whether it is valuable or not! I Know its valuable,I know it’s good and I know I have the good intensions to share it, because I wanna inspire people, I wanna help people.

“If I doubt my creation I will doubt the gifts that were given to me by my subconscious mind”

One word million live’s


Jainism is not a religion,nor a caste it’s another word for humanity.

The one who doesn’t kill any other life for its own living,the one who doesn’t kill any animal or any insect willingly can be purely classified as human.

“Lord Mahavira said live and let live

Some of us really need to realize that we can live without distroying any other life.

The innocent animals who can’t speak ,the ones who never intrrupted our life or our peace of mind,do they deserve to die for someone’s cravings?

Are we monsters?

No,we are humans and we need to behave like one!

Here we all need to understand jainism,which runs on the philosophy of Lord mahavira’s sayings:-





5.Simple living

People say these philosophies are a way to heaven after death.

Not everyone is a believer,so we must believe giving life to someone, letting someone live, considering every life as important as ours,it makes our life worth living.

And beyond these philosophies letting live and letting love every species gives peace to inner you.

“The best richness is the richness of soul “

If we see our present,and analize throughly we will come to know that Corona or covid-19 is a curse to humanity by these species whom we kill,just for our cravings,this is a call we need to go vegan,we need to respect each and every life.

It’s karma,we did wrong to there life’s by not respecting it, killing them so inhumanly,so now we are paying back.

The ones whom we do not kill bless us

Let us earn some blessings.